Religious and Civil Ceremonies

No matter the occasion, location, or your taste in music, I can meet your requirements!

I have brought together the following policies regarding my work as a church organist and private musician. Should you wish to book an organist for a Sunday service, Wedding, Civil Ceremony, Baptism or Funeral, would like live music performed for a private reception, or wish to discuss any issues concerning the following policies, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The fees for ceromonials, stated below, comply with the current specifications published by the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM), the Royal College of Organists (RCO), and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM).

Payments must be made in full, either in advance of the engagement, or on arrival, and a 10% deposit is required for securing a marriage service booking. This is to ensure that payments are dealt with satisfactorily, and not accidentally overlooked.

Current prices:

Sunday Worship – £60.
Baptism – £60.
Funeral – £90.
Wedding and Civil Ceremony – £150.
Reception – £200.
Baptism + Reception – £250.
Funeral + Reception – £250.
Wedding and Civil Ceremony + Reception – £300.

These prices are currently stable, but are subject to change, of which notification will be given in advance. Fees are also a matter of negotiation, such as in cases where a fee is already fixed by the establishment, but will depend on the specific requirements of the engagement. You are welcome to consider use of an additional instrument performed by myself at no extra charge, including: flute, piano, harp, and/or piano-accordion, with or without instrumental backing music,however, should you wish to book additional artistes for the engagement, please ensure that you see to their personal requirements directly. Fees do not include travel expenses, and may be charged where applicable, for instance, if a taxi is necessary. An additional fee may also be charged for medial recordings requested to take place, due to performance and copyright legislations; please refer to the guidance information available to you at the following link:

Notice Requirements

I request as much notice as possible prior to the engagement, although I appreciate that in unforseen circumstances, advanced notice is not possible. Sufficient notice will allow time for sourcing and preparing the relevant music, for making appropriate travel arrangements, and any other provisions which may be necessary. Should your circumstances result in short notice and difficulty in arranging appropriate cover, for whatever reason, do please contact me to enquire about my availability, as I will gladly accommodate if possible.

Should there be any changes to the engagement, such as musical content, time and/or location, I require to be notified immediately, in order to make the necessary amendments to my preparation. Please be aware that should the event be delayed for more than half an hour or one hour, you will be required to pay an additional 50% or 100% of the initial fee respectively; please be sensitive to the fact that another appointment may be scheduled to take place after your own, and that a refund cannot be issued should the performer/s be required to leave in order to attend their next appointment. In the event of a cancelation, a cancelation fee of £25 will be charged where appropriate. I would therefore gratefully appreciate direct and regular correspondence.

Musical Requirements

It is essential that I receive the musical requirements in good time, should there happen to be any difficulties in obtaining the materials. Music may include hymns and anthems, as well as Eucharistic settings where applicable, plus music before and after the service if required. It is also possible for additional services and other special musical events, such as during the Christmas and Easter periods, to be arranged ahead of time. You are welcome to consider musical items to be performed by myself with additional artistes, in the form of a duo or ensemble for example, however, please ensure that you provide correct details to individuals involved in good time. I am always very happy and willing to assist in helping you decide on musical choices if required, which may include live or pre-recorded demonstrations.

I carry a Public Liability Insurance Certificate (PLI), and would be happy to supply details of this, or present it in person if required. It may be necessary to arrange a visit to the venue prior to the engagement if possible, in order to allow for familiarization with the venue and the organ (or other resident instrument) to be used, and to ensure that appropriate travel arrangements can be made. Please be aware that rehearsals will need to be arranged ahead of time in those cases involving additional artistes.

Additional Information

With regards to weddings, Baptisms and funerals, it may be possible to arrange a consultation prior to the event, in order to discuss your musical requirements in more detail with demonstrations. I play a vast and varied repertoire, including classical, popular and traditional music, as well as the standard repertoire, and welcome any special requests or suggestions. It is your special occasion, so I strive to meet all your musical requirements where possible!

You are also invited to consider music for flute, piano, harp and/or piano-accordion, as well as for organ, at no extra charge. Depending on the nature of the chosen music, the flute may be unaccompanied, or accompanied by organ/piano or instrumental backing. Please ensure that your requests are made in good time, so the necessary arrangements can be made for use of appropriate equipment. Should you wish to employ additional artistes for your occasion, to either work with myself or independently, please ensure that you take responsibility for their individual requirements, and that all those involved are consulted before any contact details are distributed.

Thank you for taking the time to observe these policies.