Performances and Recitals

No matter the occasion, location, or your taste in music, I can meet your requirements!

I have brought together the following policies regarding my work as a performing musician and recitalist. Should you like to book a musical performance, or wish to discuss any issues concerning the following policies, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The fees for performances, stated below, comply with the current specifications published by the Royal College of Organists, (RCO), and the Incorperated Society of Musicians, (ISM).

Payments must be made in full, either in advance of the engagement, or on arrival. This is to ensure that payments are dealt with satisfactorily, and not accidentally overlooked.

Current prices:

Examination Accompaniment Grades 1-5 – £50.
Guest Performance – £100.
Private Function – £200.
Recital Accompaniment – £200.
Solo Recital – £300.

These prices are currently stable, but are subject to change, of which notification will be given in advance. Fees are also a matter of negotiation, such as in cases where a fee is already in place, set by the establishment; where the engagement is dedicated to a registered UK charity, or other fundraising event, but will depend on the specific requirements of the engagement. All fundraising events for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (GDBA) will require no fee.

Fees include the use of additional equipment where necessary, but may not for an accompanist if required. Fees do not include travel expenses, and may be charged where applicable. An additional fee may also be charged for audio and/or video recordings requested to take place, due to performance and copyright legislations.

Notice Requirements

I request a minimum of two weeks notice for a guest performance, and private function; one months notice for a recital; and two months notice for an accompaniment (depending on the specific requirements of the accompaniment) prior to the engagement, in order for my preparation. This will allow time for arranging, and rehearsing with an accompanist if necessary; for sourcing any specified and/or specially requested music; for having the music sufficiently interpreted and rehearsed; and for making appropriate travel arrangements and any other provisions which may be necessary.

Should there be any changes to the engagement, such as musical content, time and/or location, I require to be notified immediately, in order to make the necessary amendments to my preparation. In the event of a cancelation, a cancelation fee of £25 will be charged where appropriate. I would therefore gratefully appreciate direct and regular correspondence.

Musical Requirements

In the case of a guest performance or private function, specific music may be requested, or left to the performer’s discretion. I play a vast and varied repertoire, including classical, popular and celtic/traditional music, as well as the standard repertoire, and welcome any special requests or suggestions.

With regards to accompaniments, music may be requested for a keyboard instrument, (organ, piano, or piano-accordion), or a melody instrument, (flute or piccolo). It is advisable to arrange at least one full rehearsal prior to the day of the performance.

Solo recital programmes are generally left to the performer’s discretion, however, suggested repertoire would be welcome, depending on the nature of the recital, and the audience to whom the recital will be performed. Recitals may be booked for either organ, or flute and piano; you are also welcome to request a mixed recital of organ and flute music at no extra charge.

It is also possible for other special musical events, during the Christmas and Easter periods for example, to be arranged ahead of time. This may include seasonal school activities, village fetes, carol singing etc, both indoor and out. Should you wish to employ additional artistes for your occasion, to either work with myself or independently, please ensure that you take responsibility for their individual requirements, and that all those involved are consulted before any contact details are distributed.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for taking the time to observe these policies.