I very much enjoy learning about and exploring different instruments from around the world, playing and performing in many different styles, as well as composing/arranging and multitracking my own music. If you would like to purchase a copy/s of any of the following CD compilations, you can do so by contacting me directly, along with your preferred method of postage, which will be added to the cost price if applicable. You can also listen to audio samples of the tracks featured on each album by visiting:

• Reawakening: Original Works for Flute and Organ (2011)
£10.00 GBP
Awarded to Angela with Distinction for her Masters Degree, this extensive project comprises a detailed exploration of original works composed exclusively for the Western concert flute and pipe organ, from Western Europe and the USA, from 1800 to date. It includes a variety of both sacred and secular pieces performed from original manuscripts, as well as those studied with special permission from living composers, many of which had never been performed or recorded before. This selection of twenty-three contemplative pieces, accompanied by a fully illustrated fifty-six page booklet, takes the listener on a thought-provoking journey through musical time, spanning from the late Classical period into the 21st century, with reference to familiar and historical sources along the way.

• A Maiden’s Prayer: Meditations for Flute and Piano arranged by Angela Purll (2013)
£10.00 GBP
The inspiration behind this selection of meditative works was aroused by Angela’s interest in the different musical interpretations of Ave Maria, from the Latin text translated as Angelic Salutation or Hail Mary, a traditional Catholic prayer asking for the intercession of the blessed virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. One of the first musical settings of this text is thought to have been composed by Schubert in 1825, as part of his Opus 52, a setting of seven songs from Sir Walter Scott’s (17711832) popular epic poem entitled The Lady of the Lake. Originally for voice and piano, this is perhaps one of Schubert’s most popular works, which paved the way for many more musical interpretations and transcriptions for audiences of all differences to enjoy. This carefully selected collection of seventeen pieces combines that of popular light classical favourites, along with those lesser known works, harmonising sweet nostalgia with refreshing peacefulness, to induce reflective meditation.

• String of Purlls: Celtic Inspirations composed by Angela Purll (2015)
£10.00 GBP
This collection of twenty-eight celtic-inspired tunes, composed and performed by Angela herself, reflect both her enjoyment for composing and her love of nature, along with her on-going passion for learning and playing a variety of traditional instruments from around the world. From lively jigs to whistful airs, music includes that for various flutes, piano-accordion, celtic harp and mandolin, as well as lesser-known instruments including the ethereal chimes of the Finnish kantele; the radient strokes of the Near Eastern bowed psaltery; and the sunshiny pings of the South African mbera. The sentimental attachment Angela has formed with many of her tunes has been strengthened further by featuring a variety of nature sounds she has recorded herself, capturing special moments in time to create unique reflective soundscapes, or Purlls to treasure forever!