Do you visualise colours when listening to music?

Are you convinced that objects have a personality?

Can you report tasting flavours when reading a book?

Have you ever tried telling someone else what you experience, then feeling baffled, or even rejected by their response, suggesting that you may have reached a new level of bonkersness?

Fear not! you’re not alone! – These ‘out there’ experiences are very real, have a scientific definition and explanation!

It’s a statistically rare neurological condition called ‘synaesthesia’, whereby two or more of the human senses are stimulated by a single source, and which join together, effectively creating a multidimensional sensation.

If you think you might have synaesthesia, or are just simply curious and interested to find out more about it, then please visit my synaesthesia pages, which extensively discuss the subject area, including from a musical and personal perspective.